About me…

I have many passions and one of them is food… I like eating it, cooking it, admiring it… and most of all I like talking about it!

Hello there!

I am Zahara, and I am a Shiatsu Practitioner and I find myself having a food affair! I must admit the affair has been going on for as long as I can remember, but has become a more serious relationship this past recent years.

Since I started studying Shiatsu and looking into Chinese Medicine, food and health have become a crucial part of my life, and have never mattered more! I feel they go hand in hand and are partners in crime. Food can be a medicine or part of the problem. The choices we make matter, and to great degrees.

Healing can start from your kitchen.

Food is what shapes us, what gives us energy, what brings us together. Food is culture, food is everything and it is vital for our survival, for our wellbeing, our health. Also for our happiness and joy.

Food has that power, and deserves respect! I am here to humbly contribute with some of my favourite recipes and to share things for who would like to hear them!

I have always been around food, started quite young cooking and continued to do so….

I have organised many events serving food and it’s so very rewarding, I am now currently working with my long life best friend starting a Catering company.

I am a proud mum of two amazing boys, and they are my everything in this world.

When I was younger and single I shared a flat with my sister, and every time we cooked we made up that we were at a cooking program and described everything we were doing from start to finish.. it was so much fun and very inspiring… suddenly we were upping our game as we had to impress the fake camera… some delicious inventions came from those young years..!

I am not a trained chef and I have never done a cooking course, I learned how to cook from very young, my mum was a single mum and being the oldest had to help from early age…

That early exposure to food gave me this passion and I will always be grateful for that!

Our diet can help to prevent many major illnesses and also can help cure many diseases.

It all starts in the tummy.

I recently read an article saying how we have two brains and one of them is our stomach. (1) (2)

You must be familiar of that saying ” my gut instinct is telling me this …” I do believe that our guts are very important and we should listen to them and make looking after them a priority!

Trying to be healthy sometimes can come across as very boring and sooner or after drop the healthy diet for a more fun looking meal, but how about eating healthy and totally indulging your senses with delicious and nutritious food!?

Well that’s my point and my goal and I’m loving it!

I am no nutritionist either, but I do love and have an interest on healing through foods.

When I was training to become a Shiatsu practitioner we were taught Chinese medicine and how important its what we eat, how we eat it, how we cook it and how much it affects us in so many levels, so I started reading and incorporating everything I could in my kitchen and for my family.

 Cooking is such a social, family experience, brings people together, gathers family around, it is such an important factor on our daily lives and sadly our fast paced lives and the fast food chains have left cooking as a second dish.

Luckily new trends are growing and cooking is becoming fashionable again! Thanks to food bloggers and people loving their clean eating are bringing cooking back!

Food matters and matters a lot! Many diseases start on our stomachs and keeping a healthy gut is crucial for our overall health and overall wellbeing!

I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, I would describe myself as a person that tries to eat everything in balance. For me it’s all about the balance! We eat meat perhaps once a week, lots of vegetables in every meal, grains, wholemeal or fresh pasta, pulses, sourdough, kefir and fermented. I cook everything from scratch and we do not have any processed food.

That’s the most important thing. No processed anything!

I hope you enjoy this page, the recipes and the thoughts.

I don’t normally follow recipes and other than when baking  I don’t tend to measure things, so forgive me if sometimes the recipes are not exact, but I’m hoping I have explained them well enough.

Happy cooking & happy eating!


Portrait by the amazing http://www.salsabilmorrison.co.uk/


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