Some morning Reflections…


I was brought up to believe that life is what you make it, I believe that everything really is what you want it to be… I like things to be exciting, I like things to have a meaning. I like continual change, continual growth. I can’t bare to feel stagnant, to feel stuck… so I always aim to keep evolving, improving, searching for a better version of myself.

Life is a gift and I want to honoured it, there is no gain in staying where it’s comfortable, where it’s safe. There is so much more we can do, we should do, there is a big world out there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be seen.

My purpose in life is simple, my purpose is to be grateful at all times with what I’ve got, by that I mean using the tools I have to achieve, to conquer, to grow. For me this is a responsability, and a duty. Feeling grateful doesn’t just stop when we are thankful for what we own, or been given. The gratefulness expands further.  So by using our knoldgede, our tools and our gifts we can then start to become the best version of ourselves.

Being grateful starts with a thank you, but that’s just the beginning. In Using what we have been given to its highest potential this then stops us from us wanting more, because we concentrate on what we already have and put it to the best use possible. And lets be honest, there is always room for improvement!

This is my understanding of life and being grateful.

I don’t like waste, not in the kitchen, not anywhere…! I sit in my kitchen, often, thinking about life, about the present moment. I sit thinking about what can I do? what should I do? What would make this world a better place to be…

I sit in my kitchen often and I think I want a better future for my boys. It worries me what future awaits them…

So lets look out of the box, for once, even just as an exercise.

What do we really want to do with our lives?

How many of us are still passionate about what we do to earn our living? how many of us have studied something, and before we finished we already realised that we aren’t interested anymore.

Find some time, make a coffee or barley cup, and sit in your kitchen, garden or conservatory and reflect. Ask yourself if I could really choose what I wanted to do to earn your money, what would it be?

I believe that passion it’s important, not just for the soul, but as a human being and for being a human… can you be grateful if you don’t have passion? if we all tap into our passions, we will find our gifts, you will find that your world would be so different, so much healthier, so much more exciting, and full of gratefulness!

Look outside the box, feel and fulfil your passion. Life is short. Life is wonderful. Life is yours to be taken where you want it to be.

Be grateful, be kind, be the change you want to see in the world. It all starts within.

Morning reflections in my kitchen, enjoying a cup of coffee!

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