Pink goodness

Kefir Strawberry, raw cacao, chia seeds, ground flax & Mint Smoothie



The real treat is when you listen to your gut and indulge yourself to whatever the gut is asking for.

I find that sometimes it’s so hard to treat yourself, to give to yourself, we are so used to leaving our needs at the end of the cue… but sometimes kindness starts at home. If you are kind to yourself you can then be kind to others. We need to be full to be able to give. Nothing comes out of an empty jar.

Nurturing yourself is an investment for your family, for your loved ones. Being well is priority and its a must.

Now back to this delicious smoothie….!

It was a lovely sunny day, I had the day off and decided to spend it… well cleaning, tiding and cooking! As a working mum, days off are never really off … in my busy morning i felt a sudden tiredness, i felt I was rushing to get things done before i had to go and pick up the boys from school…

Then I saw some lovely strawberries staring at me! ok they were just in the counter, and decided to treat myself, to mix all the ingredients that i know are good for me, and stop.

Yes, stop. I made this smoothie, I turned the hobbs off, and I went into the garden, and sat there with the delicious sunshine, absorbing its heat, and the beauty of such a lovely day! and drank peacefully this pink beverage!

I felt nurtured, in all senses. The needs were met. The world wound’t collapse by me taking a break. Everything was ok, and I just deserve it!

I felt happy, grateful, I felt that the simple things in life, so often, we missed them. And by paying attention to them, things were falling into the right place.

Pink Goodness smoothie.

  • Strawberries
  • kefir
  • Tablespoons of chia seeds
  • Tablespoon of ground flax seeds
  • Tablespoon of Raw cacao
  • some mint


Start by soaking the chia seeds in a glass with a bit of kefir.  Let it rest for half an hour, or until the chia seeds have soften.

In the meantime, cut some strawberries and add to a jar. Add all the other ingredients and blend. Then add the remaining kefir with the chia seeds, and blend it in.

That’s it really, super easy and simple , and packed full of goodness!!

Enjoy, and remember, kindness start at home!




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