Tempura Parcels


One of the inventions or maybe not inventions as might have seen it somewhere or tried them at a Restaurant with my sister, are this lovely tempura parcels. I say “inventions “as I remember making them at our shared flat when young and single and we were getting our cooking skills to perform. By then the internet wasn’t as big and easy to access as now, so we went ahead with the idea and tested them in our tiny but cute kitchen.

Doesn’t really matter who invented them, the point is that they are stunning, flavoursome, delicious and that you can add any vegetable you fancy, like the aubergines, these parcels make an awesome starter, and they are easy and quick to make.

Great addition to your meal, and a different way to eat vegetables.

This time I used

  • 1 organic red pepper
  • 1 organic courgette
  • 4 organic medium carrots
  • 1 organic brown onion

For the tempura i used the same recipe as the aubergines… which is

  • 1 egg
  • 150ml of cold water
  • 125g self raising flour
  • 2 tablespoons of cornflour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Beat the egg and the cold water in a bowl. Add the flour, the cornflour and the baking powder, and mix. Season well.

Slice the vegetables thin and place in the batter.


Now we are ready to fry them!

Heat up a non stick pan with some oil, once is hot, add your parcels. A great way to do it, is with the help of some tongs, so you pinch a parcel containing a bit of each vegetable, covered in the batter and place in the pan.

You will see that they cook quite quick, flip them round, and once they are made place in a plate with paper kitchen towels to drain oil.

Sometimes your parcel wont have enough batter, and then the vegetables will separate in the pan, so quickly, with a spoon add a bit of the batter on top of your parcel in the pan, so the vegetables are nicely coated and stick together. On the other side, too much batter will make them too thick, so judge with the eyes to get your perfect parcel!

Really lovely, spongy, moorish side dish that I hope you enjoy!!



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