We love Sushi. The four of us. Simply the best.

I call them”Savoury Bonbons” I am not a sweet tooth, I will always choose savoury over sweet so this “bonbons” are perfect! 😀

Sushi is sort of a heaven in a mouthful. Doesn’t matter what it has in as a filling, really it’s the combination of the different textures, the seaweed, the sticky rice, crunchy veg, raw fish, avocado… really stunning. You just can’t go wrong!


Often we make it at home, it is a family affair, even thou my control freak head wants to take over, but once I have managed to relax and let go, the fun starts.

We take different rolls doing it. One is on rolling the sushi roll, the other one cutting the different toppings, one cutting the already made sushi rolls into beautiful bonbons… and we swap as we go…

When you are using fish, make sure that you only go to a fishmonger that you trust, and ask for specifically fish to make sushi, it has to be absolutely fresh, otherwise don’t risk it. Vegetable sushis are stunning too and risk free!


  • Sushi rice
  • Nori Sheets
  • Rice wine Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Raw fish
  • advocado, spring onions, peppers, cucumber…etc

Cook the rice in advance, as will need to be cold to be able to do your sushi. For a Sushi feast I go crazy and cook 500g of rice. For this quantity of rice I  add 6 tablespoons of Rice wine vinegar and 3 of sugar mix well and drizzle on top of your cooked and cooled rice.

Have a bowl of water with a bit of rice vinegar to wet your hands every time you reach for the rice, so it doesn’t stick in your hands while making the sushi.

With the help of a mat you can easily, with a bit of practice, roll your sushi to perfection.

I always cover the matt with some cling film, as otherwise can get quite messi, particularly with squashed avocado and rice.

So then you get your nori sheet, place it on the matt and with wet hands, get a handfull of rice and spread over the nori sheet, leaving space at the border to roll. Add your favourite fillings and proceed to roll. There are two sets of rolls. First one goes half way through and then you press so is all nice and tight and then you finish your roll. Press again and should be done! Don’t worry if the first ones are not perfect, you will get better as you go!

Once you have it rolled, you cut it in the sushi size bonbons,  and plate them. Each one has its pair, you will see what I mean when you are plating them.

Next time I make some sushi will take photos or a video of the making of, so it will be easier to follow!


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