Green Kefir


Kefir, Spirulina, Raw Cacao, Maca, Chia Seeds & a little Maple syrup Smoothie

This is the way to go, all or nothing! Get all the goodness from your healthy cupboard, don’t think twice, this it’s a brilliant smoothie, for those like me who we struggle to drink Spirulina by itself, here it’s a perfect delicious solution!

Spirulina it’s wonderful, but the texture can be a little off putting. Now mixing it with kefir changes the game. Add some Raw Cacao.. .game keeps getting better and yup a tablespoon of chia aswell… what can I say, if the name of the game was go for it, I think i’m in!

Ok so the spirulina needs to get well mixed otherwise you will get those green lumps that are not the best! I mix it first with a little water in a cup, then I add the chia seeds in with the kefir, let them soak and get soft. Once they have soften add the spirulina to the kefir, add the cacao, maca,  and stir it well, and if you fancy add in a bit of Maple or honey…. let me know what you think… the colours when you mix the spirulina with the kefir are gorgeous!




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  1. Sarah says:

    This has saved me! I had a big tub of spirulina and was getting a little bored of my usual green smoothies, and can’t stand the taste of it with just water. Your green kefir is the perfect way to start the day…and my little boy will even have the occasional sip. Thank you


    1. zaharaevans says:

      Ooooh great!!! So so pleased! Yes I couldn’t do it either!! Would drink it a few days and then leave it in the cupboard for a few months!! This way is a delicious and nutritious drink!
      My boys still prefer the pink kefir smoothie… will keep trying! 😅


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