Food for thought…

I find myself waiting on the check out till… is Thursday afternoon just after school pick up, lots of mums, kids running round.. the cue is not fast and I find myself distracted on others people trolleys and their food choice.

I do not want to be judgemental, I don’t! But is sooo hard!! I am amazed to see how much cooked food goes on their weekly shopping, packets and packets of already made meals, pasta, fish, meatballs! Expensive salad bags and not many vegetables or fresh food.

How much does a lettuce cost? And how much effort is to chopped it!?!? Seriously!

Comfort is at the top of the list and food it’s just another chore to get through our day…. Makes me think of our society 2017 and we are all so modern, we are all so cool, everything is available and everything must be fast..

I love fast food too! But fast food in my book is food that it’s so simple that it’s done in 15 min. A quick salad, or stemmed greens, grilled or baked bit of fish or meat, boiled or steamed veg, potatoes, some poached eggs a nice delicious stir fry with noodles.Soup, rice, pasta…. or just an awesome sandwich ….mmmm!

Food that nourishes your soul, awakens your senses when you eat it!

Food is medicine and everything that goes into our bodies, well should matter.

We care so much about how we look, how we dress how much exercise we do, we pay gym memberships all year round to look good, fit, healthy… and we tend to miss the point with food. Processed food is just not good for us.

I try to teach my children on eating healthy, fresh, simple… fast food comes again in our dinner conversations… etc of course! Well the marketing is great and the pressure is on!

It’s an everyday challenge, but part of their education too!

I believe that if we don’t make the effort the next generation will have it so so difficult! The way that processed food has grown the last 40 years is incredible and scary!

The amounts of sugar that already made meals, snacks, drinks, crisps, cereals, bread… have is astonishing! It’s actually quite a challenge to avoid it! Even dentists are warning people to please stop feeding sugary food/drinks to their children as the numbers of unhealthy teeth are very high! Scarily high! To the point that kids are going into surgery to get all the teeth removed! The numbers of people with diabetes have increased massively too, is all about what we eat! Sugar is everywhere, not just in sweet things! So cooking from scratch, knowing what you put in your food is vital.

I remember when growing up there was not much choices and we would get home cooked food all year round, it was a social event, bringing family and friends together…. shopping, cooking eating… and the satisfaction of the event was great!

Let’s get back to that!

We deserve it

We have been fooled by big big corporations to change our eating habits, by buying their products that honestly are anything but food!

We need our vegetables, our fruit! We need pulses and grains, we need soups, stews, roasts…we need fish! We need a combination of all it!  Nature has all the ingredients, from the Earth, from the sea…

Let’s give our children a taste of it.

So they at least will have a choice.

Their taste buds will have tasted the real deal and they will want more. Proper real food. Cooked.

Shall we?

Food affects our emotions, how we feel… we get a high on the sugar and then we hit a great low, we get addicted to the additives and what not, we get serious illnesses from it… just like a drug… well we can make it better, it is our choice and we can have so much fun in the process and so much benefit from it!

That reminds me of a program I watched on Netflix a while ago. It’s called “Cooked” and it’s so very interesting! There are 4 episodes and goes through the 4 elements, Fire, water, air and earth. Different cooking methods with the elements, the importance and the effects of it, the history of mankind and food. Their relationship. The goodness from cooking from scratch, taps into the benefits of the different methods. Fermentation. It really is worth watching! highly recommended it!

Food for thought on a rainy day… lets make this world a better place. Let’s be who we want to be and eat what our bodies need.

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