Sourdough with olives, herbs and lemon

IMG_6481 Now this is a loaf for the senses, the smell is outrageous when you are baking it, truly stunning and makes amazing sandwiches as the bread alone has so much flavour!

So I used the basic Sourdough Recipe that you can find here in the blog, and the only difference is that you add this 3 ingredients after your first fold during the bulk fermentation process.

So after mixing the salt and the extra 50 ml of water, let it sit for 30 min and then proceed  to stretch and fold the dough for 2, 3 min, with the North, South, East, West folding method, turning the bowl as you go, pinching a corner, stretching it and folding, turning the bowl and repeat with the other corner…. then let it rest for 30 min and then you padd  the chopped olives, a grated zest of 1 lemon, and some Mediterranean herbs, or your favourite ones.

Make sure you mix it well and even,so you can have the ingredients throughout the loaf and not just on one side!   Give the dough a fold & stretch and continue following the same instructions as the Basic Sourdough Recipe!

Happy Baking!!

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