Morning kefir cockails

Being a mum of two, a therapist,  and basically someone that is always on the go, running around schools, after school clubs, work, juggling seeing friends, going to the gym, getting the shopping done, the washing on time, cleaning the house, sorting out mail…. getting enough social life in the week…..have I replied to that text?  aaaarrggggghhh! I feel that sometimes, just sometimes I need a little help, a little push to keep going with this mad long list of things that a lot of us do on a daily basis.

I am very grateful for the life I have, I absolutely adore my boys, love my job, have a passion cooking and get so much from it, but when I feel my energy is a little low I tend to listen to my body, see what is happening, how can I help it? What does it need?

Getting my needs met is a priority, so if I’m well the ones that follow will be looked after, will be well.

When that happens I feel I need a shot, something that will sort me out, my guts, my iron levels, antioxidants, getting my hormones balanced,  omega 3, to feel grounded, to get charged with vitamins and nutrients, so I can keep going doing what I most love.

Thats why I called them cocktails, a brilliant mix of superfoods, tasting really nice, and knowing is doing wonders on my overall health. As time is precious this “cocktail” it is great as ticks a lot of the boxes in one drink, rather than taking a lot of different things at different times.


Kefir Cockails

  •  A Glass of homemade kefir, and then add:
  • A tablespoon of Chia Seeds
  • A tablespoon of Maca Powder
  • A tablespoon of Raw Cacao
  • And a tablespoon of Cinammon
  • Let the Chia seeds soak for about 30 min, or until you see they have become soft and therefore they will be releasing their inner goodness. Then blend the mix with a handheld blender or whisk and enjoy!

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