Kefir Cheese

Ok here it’s a quick and easy recipe to make this delicious, creamy, homemade lovely cream cheese. Seriously, is very simple and makes you feel like a kitchen Goddess being able to make cheese for you and your loved ones! Lets go!

Ok, so we place the already made kefir ( removing the grains first) into a cheese cloth or a coffee filter, sitting on a sieve and a jar underneath to collect the whey (water from kefir)

Is a great way to use up your leftover kefir or kefir that has separated and not looking too good to have as a drink.

We can then tie the cheese cloth and let it hang for 12 hours (make sure you have a bowl underneath to collect the whey) or we can cover the coffee filter with cling film, and leave it in the counter for another 12 hours to continue to ferment and create delicious cream cheese!IMG_6999

Once you have your cheese, you can add some cracked pepper, salt, herbs or whatever you fancy or leave it plain!IMG_6879

Truly delicious & nutritious as will have more probiotics and goodness after the extra 12 hours of fermentation!



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