Spanish Omelette


image1-1One of the most delicious Spanish dishes, and very simple is the famous Spanish omelette. It’s one of the first things I learnt how to cook and I have never stopped since!

Spanish Omelette it’s so so delicious! Is a great dish for a summer evening, for a shared lunch with friends, for a cold buffet as it’s as nice cold as it is hot.

I love serving it with green salad, with olives and with roasted peppers, onions and aubergines salad  “escalivada” will post that recipe soon! 🙂

Goes amazingly with sourdough bread, tomato and olive oil…. that’s is a winner!

Also if you have left overs, makes the most exquisite sandwich, add some sliced tomatoes, some rocket and a bit of mayo and you are on!

I hope that you enjoy the recipe as much as I do! It’s a popular dish for kids too! If your child doesn’t like onions, you can skip the onions, I must confess I had to do it many times, or make a small one without the onion!

My advice is to trust yourself and go for it.

Simple ingredients making a great big omelette to feed 6

  • 6 -8 medium organic potatoes
  • 2 big organic onions
  • 6 to 8 organic eggs
  • 1 green pepper
  • oil to fry
  • salt to season
  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them in small slices, I cut them fine so they cook quickly and don’t absorb so much oil. Slice the onions, again I slice them small. Cut pepper into small chunks.
  2. Fry in batches in a pan with enough oil to cover them, and let them get to a nice colour. I always fry a mix of the potatoes with the onions,and peppers.
  3. Drain potatoes of the oil in a sieve while you add the next batch to fry.
  4. Salt potatoes as they drain, mix with hands so the salt is even throughout.
  5. Once you have all the potatoes fried, in a bowl whisk the eggs.
  6. Now  when I say 6 to 8 eggs, the thing is I always cook by eye and never measure! So if you like your omelette moist, put more egg in, also if you see that you have too many potatoes, or they have shrinked too much, decide on how much egg you going to add.
  7. Once the eggs are ready add potatoes in the bowl. This is the moment where you can tell if you have enough egg!!
  8. Put mix in the frying pan with very little oil ( discard the oil that you have used to fry previously). The frying pan has to be non stick!!!! otherwise the omelette will become scrambled egg! I have looked and tried so many different pans to avoid the non stick  but no luck yet!
  9. Keep medium heat for about 8-10 min. Once you can see the bottom has set put a plate on top of your pan, hold the handle with your right hand, left hand on the plate and turn upside down so the omelette is on the plate! now place omelette back into the pan and cook the raw side for a further 8-10 min.
  10. I don’t like it dry so i don’t cook it for long, but if runny egg is not your thing, leave to cook until the egg is totally set!

Enjoy and Bon Profit!!!

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