My other kitchen ally is kefir.

Fantastic source of nutrients, calcium, protein and B vitamins, the best probiotic, works wonders on your digestion and gut health and to top it off is a delicious drink!


There are so many health benefits attached to kefir, I have linked a page where it’s very well explained  (1) and goes through all of them, but basically kefir it’s a grain that feeds of milk, turning it into a fermented drink with a creamy like yogurt consistency with some fizz!
Kefir contains about 30 different microorganisms, making it a much more potent source of probiotics than other fermented dairy products.

Very easy to make and so many variants as well.  You can make a delicious smoothie, you can make some kefir cheese, that can be in your table in about 12 hours! Great homemade cream cheese.  You can also make delicious and nutritious butter and of course add it to your cakes, pancakes, bread… my boys make fabulous smoothies with it, or simply drink it plain.

How to make kefirIMG_6636

To start you will need:

  • kefir grain
  • Milk
  • Jar with a lid
  • Plastic sieve
  • Jar to keep kefir

You can get your grains online or perhaps a friend is already making kefir and can give you a little bit to get you started!

So you place grains in a jar and you add your chosen milk (cow, goats, even vegetable derived milks)

I never measure, but a good ratio can be 1 tablespoon of grains for 2 cups of milk.

Put the lid loose on the jar and leave it in the counter for about 12 -18 hours at room temperature.

I always keep an eye on the process as sometimes depending on temp, ratios can go faster or slower.

When I can see that the milk has gone thicker, yogurt like consistency I give it a good stir with a wooden spoon, as kefir does not like metal! and proceed to sieve the kefir, onto a new jar,keeping the grains which I will put back in the first jar and top up with fresh milk.

Now we have kefir and a new batch on the go!


Store it in the fridge and drink as and when you fancy! will be posting different recipes on what you can do with kefir!


P.S There are times where your kefir will separate, don’t worry if it happends! When kefir has been left too long to ferment, or the temperature is higher than normal, or your grains have grown and you still using the same jar and milk quantities, the process gets faster. It’s totally fine to use it ,  the only think is that the flavour will be stronger. I give it a good stir  and put it in the fridge, or sometimes make some smoothies with some fruit, or just make some kefir cream cheese!


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