Cook yourself heatlhy!


Combining superfoods with fresh foods and making a meal out of it is the most rewarding thing I can do for my family and for myself. I feel nurtured, i feel well, i feel grateful and with a purpose.  Good things take work, nothing comes for free, we are used to a quick meal, a quick job, a quick fix,  disposable napkins, shoes, cars… everything now a days is made to not last so we carry on consuming.

I want to make a point and say, lets not be fooled, lets make a stand. Eating disposable, processed food is not going to make us stronger, but weaker, is not going to make us healthier but ill, and food is our fuel.

Take a moment to yourself, reflect on what you do, what you would like to do. Does it match? Life is short and it goes so very fast,particularly we notice it having children. Suddenly days turn into weeks and months… be brave and bold, take chances. Do and live the way you want to, otherwise you will regret it. We are who we want to be, we don’t need to answer to anyone other than ourselves, our souls will be happy or they won’t. If they are not they will let us know one way or another.

Fuel yourself with the best. Clean, fresh, food. You don’t feed your car with dirty oil do you? The car wouldn’t perform well, so treat yourself the same way,  to achieve the best performance.  We may not be able to control other things, but definitely we can be in charge of what goes in our bodies and be able to make a massive difference in our general health. We certainly  are what we eat. 

Feeling tired, sluggish, cotton wool head, heavy legs, bloated,…? Look into your diet, perhaps the engine is a bit rusty, the pipes clotted. Clean your intestines, feed your tummy with fresh and easy to digest food. Quit dairy and sugar for a week, watch what happens, how do you feel? Is your mind clearer? Are you guys happier? How are those legs? 

We can change so much in ourselves just by observing by listening by paying attention to our bodies.

We are the Ferrari of the animal world, let’s read the manual let’s drive the best we can.

Often i think that i can be a little obsessed by reading ingredients on the food I buy, but then they are all full of things i do not recognise, or If I do that’s even more scary, as soon as I know what they are made of  then I certainly can’t eat them!

Cannot poison myself consciously  can I?

So the best option is making everything from scratch and avoid anything processed. 

Rant over! 🙂

Portrait caption is by the most talented

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