Why Eat healthy food?

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Why not!

It is not about how we look, it is not just a trend, it is now vital for our wellbeing that we look into our diets and we make an effort to make it happen.

Our children and now ourselves are being exposed to so much sugar, processed, e numbers, so many chemicals and what not than we ever ever were.

GMOs. Glucose inverted sugar, plastic rice, the list is huge and scary and we must do something to avoid a darker future.

Anyway this is all a bit depressing, apologies!!

My point is eating healthy is more than someone doing a diet, eating healthy in my opinion,  is going back 100 years ago and eating real proper food again.

Getting back into the kitchens and starting a meal from scratch. That is what i consider healthy as we can create any dish that is not considered “healthy” and make it healthy! why not??

Baking your own bread if you can or buying one that hasn’t been trough massive process.

Getting groceries that are fresh, not in tins or packets.

It is vital for our health and we woud avoid so many illnesses if we are conscious eaters.

Since second world war the food industry changed, they targeted mums they send them to work and told them how cool it was and quick not to be in the kitchen cooking like a slave and to rather buy a meal already cooked. As a woman i think we are very capable of doing both! we can get our inner Goddess in the kitchen and be very brilliant at our jobs too!  Or our partners can also enjoy cooking and express them selves too! My point is that we have the tools to do whatever we want to do!

Well health problems have escalated massively since our diets have been made so much easier, so much quicker!

In my humble opinion we must look into it and start cooking again, I do it and I love it, I was lucky enough to be taught how to cook when very young, it was more a need than a scholarship, as needed to help at home, but it was the most useful thing I have ever learnt

I am no chef but I am a survivor. The best meals I have done often come from an empty fridge, not many choices gives you a clear path! A full fridge lots of doubts!

Back to cooking, my point is that it doesn’t even need to be lengthy matter, cooking simple is the most delicious!

A quick stir fry with fresh delicious and varied vegetables served with rice or quinoa, serve with any pulse or noodles… anything really!

Any vegetable soup doesn’t take long or something made with eggs, a courgette omelette or a cheese one… there are so many options out there, now a days there a million of food blogs, websites with plenty of great healthy ideas!

It is all made so easy now!

Eating a take away or getting fast food its fun in the moment but then you a paying a big price at the end and i’m not talking about the bill!

Feeling tired, sluggish, feeling moody, feeling bloated, gassy, cramps… with highs and lows….long term illnesses can come from a poor or imbalanced diet.. .

If you are craving pizza, chips, burgers, you can make it yourself with fresh ingredients, swap the meat for a vegetarian burger for example packed full of fiber and nutrients! bake your fries rather than deep frying, or try a polenta chip!

Get creative, unleash your inner artist! it is a lot of fun and you get so much from it! Change your habits, vary your diet, balance the ingredients.

Not too much of anything, not too little! Is all in the balance!

Be kind to yourself and eat as clean and healthy as you can, that’s the best way to treat yourself!

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